Samira at home
Samira Al-Mana
سميرة المانع
Iraqi novelist and writer


من لا يعرف ماذا يُريد

الجميع يحلم بزيارة العراق. البارحة في السوق، من بعيد، رأتْ زوجين عراقيين مغتربين كانا يزورانهما في السابق. تجنبتْ لقاءهما او السلام عليهما. لماذا ابتعدتْ عنهما حتى غابا في زقاق جانبي؟! لا تعرف، لقد اختلطت المشاعر. تعتقد أن اوضاع العراق الحالية، القتل، الخطف، عدم سعادة ابنائه، ربما معكوسة على سلوكها الغريب. لو كانت الحالة صحية والوضع هادئا والآمال متحققة بعد سقوط نظام صدام حسين القاسي، لما كرهتْ السلام على هذين العراقيين البريئين وغيرهما. شعرتْ ان الصمتَ والعزلة هما ما تتوق لهما اللحظة

.سطور من فصل " وزّة في الخليج " في الرواية*


Knowing Not What They Want

This novel was written after the war against Iraq in 2003. On publication, the back cover included some lines from the chapter Swan in the Gulf:

( They all dream of visiting Iraq. Yesterday in the market place she saw from far away a couple of exiled Iraqis who used to visit them in their house. Now she tries to avoid them and is not even able to say hello. Why does she distance herself until they disappear into a side lane? Is she ashamed of herself or ashamed of them? She doesn’t know. Her feelings are mixed up. She believes the situation in Iraq now, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the killing, the abductions, the unhappiness of its people, is reflected on her bad behaviour. If the state of affairs is otherwise, healthier, the atmosphere would be quieter and hopes could be realised after the fall of the cruel Saddam regime, she would behave differently, not hate the idea of greeting those two innocent Iraqis. What she needs now, she feels, is to be silent, and in solitude.)