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Samira Al-Mana
سميرة المانع
Iraqi novelist and writer



Published Books


The Forerunners and the Newcomer السابقون واللاحقون

A Novel رواية (Beirut, 1972)

..places Arab society in juxtaposition to Western society by exploring
the personal drama of a young Arab woman... (read more)
The Forerunners and the Newcomers
The Song الغناء

Short Stories قصص قصيرة (Baghdad, 1976)
London Sequel الثنائية اللندنية

A Novel رواية (London, 1990)

'London Sequel' follows on from 'The Forerunner and the Newcomer'. The protagonist Mona is again the leading character, though in a different setting.....(read more)
Only a Half النصف فقط

A Play مسرحية
(London, 1985) (read more)
The Umbilical Cord حبل السرة

A Novel رواية (London 1990)

..the story of two Arab women and their struggle to come to terms with exile from their native Iraq...(read more)
The Oppressors القامعون

A Novel رواية (Damascus 1997)

..Set in a girls' boarding school in Iraq, The Oppressors describes life in Iraq prior to the wars with its neighbours and attempts to to offer some insight into the character of the country... (read more)
The Oppressors
Look at Me, Look at Me Only شوفوني .. شوفوني

A Novel رواية (London, 1999)

..Look at me...Look at me, Only is a novel for certain people who are prevented by their idealism from joining the crowd.... (read more)
The Soul and Others الروح وغيرها

Short Stories قصص قصيرة (Beirut, 1999)
Knowing Not What They Want من لا يعرف ماذا يريد

A Novel رواية (Damascus, 2010)

.. They all dream of visiting Iraq. Yesterday in the market place she saw from far away a couple of exiled Iraqis who used to visit them in their house. Now she tries to avoid them and is not even able to say hello. Why does she distance herself until they disappear into a side lane? Is she ashamed of herself or ashamed of them? She doesnít know... (read more)
Knowing not
Alightirab Al-Adabi

A Magazine (1985 - 2002)

Founded by Samira Al-Mana and husband Salah Niazi to give a voice to writers in exile
للاطلاع على اعداد المجلة انقر هنا